Let's get started planning the day of your dreams.

We cannot fully express to you how thrilled we are to be your future wedding photographers. Since our team takes such a small number of couples a year, your wedding day truly means so much to me. We want to make sure that you have the smoothest wedding planning possible, and have a gallery of perfectly Pinterest-worthy photos that perfectly document your day after it's over, which is why we've put together this digital wedding guide! As a reminder, this process is supposed to be so much fun - don't miss out on the special moments between getting engaged and the wedding day because you're stressing about making everything perfect. And if you need anything at all during this process, please reach out.

we're so glad you're here! Now,

So you've fully committed to this massive collection of information from me....

... and we're really glad you did, because we truly truly believe that it will help make your wedding planning a little easier, and will also help eliminate some of the biggest mistakes that we constantly see made so that you can have the most amazing photos possible from your special day. Grab some wine, get comfy, and let's get started. 

First things first:

01. Pick Your Other Vendors

We are so glad you booked our team, and are honored to be one of your big vendors on your wedding day. The next step for you is to book your other vendors, especially your main ones.  Your wedding planner, venue, and florist should probably be next up on the list, if you haven't already picked them out.

02. Start Planning your Engagement Session

Depending on how soon your wedding day is, it may be time to go ahead and start planning for your engagement session! Think about when you'll want to have these photos taken, for Save the Date cards and general social media use. Keep scrolling for some of our favorite tips to prepare for this session.

03. Make a General Timeline

Consider things like if you want to do a first look, deciding if you’re having a formal exit, etc. We've made an entire page about everything to do with wedding day timing + helpful tips on how to make every moment of the day as beautifully photogenic as possible, keep scrolling.

04. Plan Your Bridal Session

If you're planning on doing a bridal session, then it helps to go ahead and get a general timeline for final alterations to your dress, etc. It helps to get a date on the books for bridal sessions as soon as possible, so you can go ahead and let your florist, hair stylist, and makeup artist know to plan for it.

General planning timeline
from a photography standpoint

Take your sweet time planning the rest of your wedding details - once you get the big vendors booked, make sure you don't stress yourself out with the rest of the process. Talking to brides during and after their weddings, the biggest thing we hear from everyone is that they wish they'd enjoyed the process a little bit more... and enjoy this special time with your future spouse! Make sure to schedule in extra date nights, and maybe don't even talk about wedding planning at all during them.

Right now, breathe

It's time to get all of the last minute details finished up! Since you should have most of the major details locked down at this point, this is when I'll be sending you the final pre-wedding questionnaire via email.

A few things for you to be thinking about this close to the big day - start to plan to get your wedding day details organized in one place, so that you can have the perfect wedding day detail photos and a smooth timeline! Also, this is a good time to make a solid rain plan... just in case!

The month of your wedding

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It's here! We doubt you'll actually be reading this on the week of your wedding, but try to think about things you can have in place to remind you to breathe on your big day. Whether it's writing yourself a sticky note to place in your bridal shoes, or waking up to take a barre class or get a massage, don't forget in all of this planning to take the time and space you need to be calm and present throughout your day!

After photographing hundreds of brides, I've made a list of the things that I often see help them de-stress and stay present throughout the wedding day - click below to see it, I hope it helps. I can't wait to see you soon!

Your Wedding Week

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Day- of Detail Guide

Tips for Staying Calm on your Wedding Day

What to do if it looks like rain on your wedding day

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