"Striking a balance between timeless elegance, and genuine in-between moments - Lindley's work captures your entire celebration. With a simple, straightforward approach, and a desire to capture people as they truly are - her galleries are filled with unique connections, discreet gazes, and vivacious joy. "

- The Lane

Your wedding day is not just about beautiful photographs of beautiful things. While there will undoubtedly be beautiful things, the people and the experience are the real and rare beauty.

Entirely Beautiful Moments


With an affinity for people, moments, and intentional details we capture what matters most.


Tailored to Your Every Need

The perfect shoe looks different to every person. The same goes for your wedding day. There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to capturing your day or giving you the experience you expect and deserve. Which is why, we tailor a custom package to create the perfect fit for you.


01. We'll confirm it's an instant connection. Once we know what your dream day entails, we’ll create a custom package tailored to you, sort out the details, and secure the date.

02. From there, we’ll get personal with an engagement session and a dinner date somewhere along the way. So you can feel comfortable with us on both sides of the lens.

03. We've done this a time or two and know exactly what details to confirm leading up to your day. So that when your celebration arrives all you need to do is be in the moment, while we capture it all.

04 While you enjoy newlywed bliss we immediately cull and backup all your images from the day. You'll receive sneak peeks within a few days and the rest of your stunning gallery will be delivered within 6 weeks.

what custom looks like

Lindley is the best of the best and you will not regret hiring her! - Christina



Here are just a handful of the must-haves for the exceptional experience you'll receive.





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Coverage that ensures your important moments aren't missed.

We provide up to 11 hours of wedding day coverage to ensure we can capture everything you want and more. 

Feel as good leading up to your day as you look together.

Stay in the know with clear and consistent communication.

A runway-ready timeline to make the day effortless.

We'll get comfortable with each other and prep you with pre-wedding photographs, so you know what to expect on wedding day.

We'll genuinely connect leading up to your day, so that by the time it arrives, we'll feel more like friends who happen to take stunning pictures of you.

With over 10 years experience we know exactly what is needed to make your day run smoothly. We'll confirm all the timing & important details in advance, so you can enjoy the most of your day. 

I would just reiterate how much I appreciate the time and effort Lindley gives to her clients. It truly meant the world to me that she went above and beyond for us. Best decision we made was hiring her for our wedding! - Catlin

The best decision I made for my wedding was hiring Lindley. She said she would make magic and she really did. - Ammy

The best decision I made for my wedding was hiring Lindley. She said she would make magic and she really did. - Ammy

The best decision I made for my wedding was hiring Lindley. She said she would make magic and she really did. - Ammy