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Chances are, you're here because you have an incredibly exciting story to tell - the love of your life just asked you to be their forever, or your first child is a few months away from being born. Or, you just have an incredibly full and beautiful life, and you want to capture every possible moment of it. Either way, you want someone that you can trust to create those images for you. Someone who knows how to connect with you, and bring out the version of you that you want to have captured.


I'm here to tell your story, the way you want to remember it.

I've been a storytellers for as long as I can remember, and to me, storytelling has always been a matter of connecting with your subject enough to really be able to tell the story that they want to share with the world. I was never the best at imagining fanciful tales, because I feel like the things that are most meaningful are always based in what's real - because what is more beautiful than the best and most special parts of real life? I had a pretty special story lead me to where I am in business today, please click below if you want to hear the whole thing, but what I've seen to be true time and time again is that the long-lasting and real power of photography is the ability to capture true and meaningful memories. I hope you'll let me capture yours.

Everyone has a story. Here's more of mine.

the journey that brought me here

When people ask me how I got started in photography, I never feel like I have a great answer, because I feel like I have been living and breathing photography for as long as I can remember. When I was growing up, I would play kitchen just outside of my mom's darkroom as she developed her film. For my sixteenth birthday, I was given a little Canon point-and-shoot, and immediately became completely attached to it. I would take it everywhere with me and spent my lunch break at school taking portraits of my friends, which quickly led to shooting and developing film for practice and for fun. It didn't take long before I became the assistant to the sports photographer at my high school, and spent my weekends and evenings photographing any event possible. From there, it was an easy decision to apply to one of the top art schools in the country - I spent my entire junior year of high school constantly revising my portfolio, through every class. Going to art school, I was sure, was what I needed to launch this career that I already loved. However, as soon as I arrived on MICA's urban campus, I knew it wasn't going to be that for me. I instantly got frustrated with the idea of "learning art" - art was something to be practiced, studied yes, but also was too personal to learn from a book. I do strongly believe in constantly perfecting your craft; however, I quickly found that I don't agree with anyone else telling you what exactly your craft was. I earned my first ever D in my freshman Photography class, where my professor told me that my work was somewhere between fashion photography and documentary photography, and that I wouldn't get anywhere without deciding which one I wanted to go with. Well, ten years later, and it turns out that one of the biggest strengths in my work is being able to seamlessly marry the two.

As soon as I realized that art school wasn't for me, I began to look for other options. I knew that, eventually, I wanted to go back to school, but before doing so I wanted to learn about the world outside the bubble I had always know. The summer after my freshman year, I was given the opportunity to fly to Russia and spend a month photographing for a non-profit, helping them raise funds and awareness for handicapped orphanages in the northern region. Once I got home from that trip, I felt like I had found something that set my soul on fire, and shortly after I bought a one way ticket to Uganda. During my time living on a mission base in Uganda, I got to to capture the most beautiful stories from the most inspiring and beautiful people I've met in my life. I got to travel around eastern Africa, hearing stories and documenting everything I saw, walking barefoot down miles and miles of dusty red roads, and reading Hemingway by the mouth of the Nile. It was the most magical time in my life, and while a huge part of me wanted to tear up my passport and never come home, the other part of me knew that there was still more to do. After a year and some change of living in a small Ugandan village, I came back home with incredible memories, and a deeply set passion for hearing and telling stories.

Once I got back, through a whirlwind of different paths and decisions, I found myself as a photographer for the local Lululemon store, where I got to learn about what truly created an unshakable brand, and how many different elements went into telling a strong story. After a few amazing years working with and learning from them, I knew it was time to break out on my own. In the six years that I've owned my photography business full time, I've gotten to experience and learn more than I ever could have dreamed - I've traveled through Europe, South America, and even back to Africa a few times. I've gotten to learn from and shoot with some incredible industry leaders. I've gotten to hone and perfect and love and celebrate my craft in ways that I never could have dreamed, and I've gotten to tell the stories of the most loving, joy-filled, and awe-inspiring people along the way. 

I truly cannot imagine loving what I do any more, and I work hard to make that contagious passion shine through in every single image I create. I hope to be able to bring it to your story as well.

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MY motto:

I'm a huge fan of real life - no frills, no faking, just life as it is. Sometimes messy, sometimes imperfect, but always oh so beautiful. No matter what session you're booking with me, you're not getting a photographer who will stick you in a pose and tell you to say cheese - you're getting a photographer who is going to get some huge belly laughs out of you, maybe a few sweet emotional tears, and a lot of special moments in between. The couples, families, and individuals that book me value having their real life moments captured, and I love that more than anything. I deeply care about everyone who gets in front of my lens, and limit the number of sessions I book so that I can maintain that care and quality. I am my business, from web design to emails to photo edits to late night texts before your session when you just don't know what to wear. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

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