Detail-oriented with distinctive style, capturing feeling on film.

Becoming a photographer is as much about falling in love with storytelling and people as it is learning the technicalities of light and composition. I was exposed (pun absolutely intended) to the magic of image making at a young age, and quickly became obsessed with taking the things others saw every day and making them special and new by translating them through my lens. It was in this process that I learned even the most ordinary-seeming moments are imbued with beauty and possibility.

ABOUT Lindley

I’ve spent nearly a decade as a professional photographer, and in that time I’ve had the pleasure of sharing in over 100 couples’ wedding days and documenting events both intimately private and elegantly lavish. I seek inspiration in the unique elements of my couples’ relationships and in observing genuine feeling; it is from both of these that I have developed my signature timeless and expressive style. I am grateful for the opportunity to create art that brings permanence to the connections and moments that endure, and to share it with clients who have become friends. 

The vision

At the core of our experience is preparation and communication. Upon booking, our couples receive a comprehensive guide for planning their wedding day to ensure the best possible photos. From there, we use comprehensive questionnaires and planning calls to ensure that each wedding day is photographed exactly in line with the vision of our couples.

that's behind the experience

The vision

Taking a limited number of weddings each year allows our team to spend countless hours planning each event. From prompt communication to working closing with wedding planners, we approach each wedding day completely prepared to capture the unique vision. As a destination wedding photography team, we always ensure plenty of time to scout locations, venues, and lighting before each wedding celebration.

that's behind the experience

I've recorded a short video talking a little bit more about what I love in this business most, as well as why I've chosen film as my main medium for photographing weddings. While I look forward to getting on the phone and telling you more about all of this, here are the basics.

Want to learn a little more about about who I am, how I got here, and my style of photogaphy?

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Are a little bit modern, and a little bit classic.

our dream clients

"Lindley is wildly talented and truly an incredible person. "

Finding the right wedding photographer was a top priority for us and investing in Lindley was hands down the best wedding decision we made! She is wildly talented and truly an incredible person. I knew from the first moment we spoke that she was the one. She helped us through every step of the process and made it a dream experience. Not to mention she performed a miracle and helped my husband feel comfortable in front of the camera. We had multiple guests tell us how much they loved her and how at ease she made them feel. Lindley is an absolute pro! Not only did she capture beautiful images, but she was there throughout the day to help make it seamless and so much fun. She went above and beyond for us. We love reliving every moment through her stunning photos and will treasure them forever. We will recommend her to anyone and everyone!
I could keep gushing about how fabulous she is, but I’ll stop here. Seriously, don’t miss out on your chance to have Lindley capture this special time in your life. It goes by so quickly! These are the memories you don’t ever want to forget, and her photos will help you remember every single smile, laugh, and heart-filled moment for years to come.

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