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Our Expert Guide to Wedding Photography Styles



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When you initially think of your wedding day, chances are your mind doesn’t immediately wander down the path of different wedding photography styles. That’s perfectly fine because it doesn’t need to. Luckily for you, though, our minds do immediately wander down this path. 

When we imagine our couples’ weddings, we first seek to understand their personal style and work to pair that with our distinct photography style. We specialize in editorial wedding photography—an intentional balance of both traditional and more artful elements.

Our expertise is in photographing all the intimate moments and fine details of your special day. We love to get creative in how we capture your cherished moments, but we’ll always honor what feels natural to you.


Editorial wedding photography is a way of capturing a wedding day in which every single frame looks like it’s meant to belong in an issue of Vogue. Think dramatic light, striking portraits, a keen focus on aesthetic style, and an emphasis on black and white images. Editorial wedding photography shows off each couple in a stylish and sophisticated style.

Our editorial wedding content naturally differentiates itself from other photography of the same style because we prioritize authenticity. We will never interfere with the feeling of your special day simply to get the editorial shot. 

Instead, we go where the moment goes and our cameras are always in tow. We’re able to synchronize with the couple’s personalities while also incorporating stunning staged moments. The cornerstone of our work is being present for genuine moments so that we’re able to see the beauty of each individual couples’ day through the lens of our editorial eye.

It’s important to us to blend bright and airy moments with ones that may feel more dark and moody. We want to portray all the shades of romance that are on full display throughout each couple’s wedding weekend, and we strive to give this romance a luxurious feel.

As editorial wedding photographers, we’ll play with the placement of the bride’s veil; we’ll style flowers or other decorations in a remarkable way; we’ll use the landscape of the venue to our advantage. There are really no limits to the way we approach each couple’s wedding, and this freedom allows us to photograph truly breathtaking moments.



Traditional wedding photography is undoubtedly the most common style. It utilizes a more staged approach to capturing the day’s romantic scenes and allows for a ton of classically posed portraits to be photographed in a crisp manner.

For example, imagine the wedding party purposefully placed around the couple, or images of family members gathered around the couple. These staged photographs are definitely a standard when it comes to recording the moments of everyone’s wedding day. 

We always plan for these photographs with all of our couples, but we also love to mix in some more creativity, too. This means we will focus on artistic placement of people and objects that we aim to photograph. Similarly, we pay close attention to happiness unfolding all around us. Who is talking together, laughing together? What meaningful looks are being shared between the couple? 

Blending a more traditional style with an editorial one ensures that your wedding photographs will be both timeless and unique. Our goal is to have each couple look back at their wedding day with fondness and know the memories we’ve captured on film are singular to their particular day.


Photojournalistic style wedding photography is just a long and fancy way of describing the perfectly candid moments of each couple’s wedding day or weekend. There’s a certain degree of raw emotion associated with this style, and it’s one of our favorite elements to tie into our overall editorial style. 

A huge aspect of this style of wedding photography means that the person behind the camera remains as a bit of a fly on the wall. We watch with ready eyes as everyone enjoys their time together and lives fully in the present moment. 

As each separate moment unfolds, we’re observing the scene and photographing people as they interact with one another or sit still in a moment alone. A photojournalistic style of photography works well to naturally depict people whether they’re talking, laughing, or simply listening.


Fine art wedding photography, which is often associated with film photography, has an extraordinarily bright and airy feel to it. The images are soft and show off lots of natural light and bold color—a supremely romantic aesthetic.

This style is beautifully achieved through film photography rather than purely digital, and it’s become especially popular for couples whose weddings are hosted outdoors. A fine art photography style will certainly emphasize lighting patterns and how subjects are brought to life in a delicate manner. 

As film photographers, our distinct brand of editorial wedding photography naturally possesses a fine art aesthetic.

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