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A Modern Disco Themed Wedding in Washington DC



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Autumn and Ryan met at the Naval Research Laboratory in D.C., and started their relationship off by studying for the GRE together. While both in their PhD programs, COVID hit, and they found themselves in an 800 square foot one bedroom apartment together in Washington DC. A situation that would have been incredibly challenging for many couples ended up being an incredibly special time in their lives, and their relationship only grew and strengthened during that time. Finally, Ryan proposed to Autumn in Colorado over the July 4th weekend of 2021. 

Although Autumn initially had her heart set on an elopement, the wedding that she and Ryan planned at the DC Wharf ended up being completely and perfectly authentic to them. They threw out all typical wedding traditions (Ryan was with her when she bought her dress, and they got ready together on the wedding day!), and instead focused all of their energy on having a truly incredible party. 

From the bride

“Ryan and I met at the Naval Research Laboratory in D.C., where we both worked at the time. He walked into my office after several weeks of working up the courage to do so. I was shocked when he walked in since I had never seen him in my life, even though we worked right next door to each other. After short conversations at work we both realized we wanted to apply to PhD programs and that became our main reason to hang out outside of work. We studied for the GRE together, which I thought was just as friends, but Ryan thought we started dating. (We did end up dating). 

We both started our PhD programs several months later, and in the middle of our second semester COVID-19 hit. It was not an “ideal” situation to be in, living together in a less than 800 sq ft 1-bedroom apartment, but we made the absolute most of it and had so much fun together. Over the July 4th weekend (2021) Ryan proposed on a hike in Colorado (my favorite place and my favorite holiday).”  

Describe, in as much detail as you’d like, the most significant moments to you throughout your wedding day

“Seeing everyone together in one place was really special. 

Getting ready with some friends casually was also a top moment for me. They just showed up with some champagne and snacks, threw on some music, and started getting ready and helping me get ready too. And to top it off all their husbands came up to help Ryan with his bow tie. I LOVE authentic, genuine moments and so them showing up like that was really special for me.  

I loved seeing people dance that I definitely did not think I would see enjoy the dance floor so much.” 


Planning and Design: Silk and Slate

Photography: Lindley Battle

Florals: Darling and Daughters

Catering: Well Dunn Catering

Rentals: Something Vintage, Nuage Designs

Music: District Remix

Cake: Milk Bar

Paper Goods: Paper Refinery

Hotel: Intercontinental DC Wharf

Attire: Cartier, Frank Darling, Jimmy Choo, Jennifer Behr, Made With Love Bridal, Lovely Bride DC, Green and Blue Studio, Enzo Custom

Venue: Wharf DC

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