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Classic and Refined Elegance at Baltimore’s Historic Belvedere Hotel



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With a vision of classic and refined elegance in mind, Ammy and Andrew worked together to create a truly special wedding day.


The Belvedere Hotel, a famous Baltimore landmark fondly remembered for incredible decadent parties and events throughout the last decade, set a perfect scene for their wedding celebration. Using the natural elegance of the hotel as a canvas, Ammy chose subtle but refined decor and florals throughout the day, allowing for a cohesive and elevated aesthetic.


The bride wore a sleek and stunning wedding gown by the Australian brand, Kyha Studios, and complimented the simple elegance of the dress with a beautiful bouquet of long-stemmed white roses. Together, she and Andrew celebrated the perfect day, surrounded by family and friends and the most elegant of design.





From the bride:

If you could describe your wedding day in three words, what would they be?

Beautiful, loved, fast.




Which detail(s) did you like the most about your wedding? This could be an element of decor, something unique about the venue, something you hand crafted, etc.

When I walked into the ceremony- it was so so stunning. The architecture of the room- the gold, white, and black, paired with the white grand piano and the florals and seeing everyone dressed up. It was so beautiful.







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