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How to Get Perfectly Chic Getting Ready Photos



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While every single wedding day is inevitably filled with meaningful and magical moments, I often see couples not put enough thought into the spaces where they plan for their wedding day. This is such an amazing opportunity for incredible photographs of you with the people who mean most to you in the whole world, and so I’ve put together a few different things to note in order to make these photos the best that they can be!



Chic and modern wedding photography during an elegant wedding in Baltimore, Maryland.

Pay attention to the interior space

One of the most important tips for your getting ready room is to find a space that is well, and evenly, lit. The more windows, the better, and tall ceilings are also incredibly helpful. Every single detail of the room where you get ready will determine how these photos look, so pay attention to all of it. Darker walls will create a more dramatic and chic feel, while light walls will give everything a more bright and airy feel. Whichever option fits your aesthetic more, just make sure that the walls are somewhat neutral, and if you opt for a color or pattern, make sure it’s one that will reflect well on skin tones.


While getting ready in a hotel room tends to be the go-to, pay attention to little details like whether the carpet has an outdated pattern, or if the walls have a design that you wouldn’t want to see in your wedding gallery. While your wedding photographer can always creatively work around details like this, it gives you so many more options to have a space that overall fits the feel you want from your wedding photos!



Rhode Island wedding photographer photographs an elegant summer wedding at Glen Manor House.

Make sure you have plenty of room

Ideally, you’ll have plenty of space to move around in your wedding day getting ready room, so that you can take a good mix of  group portraits, candid photos, and easily get full-body photos of you getting into your wedding dress. If your venue doesn’t have a great space to offer for getting ready, a suite at a higher end hotel will usually be thoughtfully designed, spacious, and well-lit.


Take note of the furniture in your getting ready room, and if it feels like it may be difficult to move around on the wedding day, ask the hotel staff or members of your bridal party to help move things out or around so that the layout of the room on your wedding day is easy to navigate for you and your vendor team.



Stylish wedding dress photographed at McAlister Leftwich House in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Enlist Loved Ones

Whether you have a bridal party or not, the getting ready moments are a great time to get intimate photos with your closest family and friends, for both the bride and groom.



Classic Washington, DC wedding at the stunning Cosmos Club wedding venue.

Keep it neat

This is a huge point to note – make sure that your getting ready room is nice and tidy before your photographer and videographer show up for your wedding coverage. Pick a designated spot, ideally a tucked away corner or closet, to store all the extra clothes and bags. Throw away plastic water bottles, or switch to elegant glass carafes and beautiful water glasses. It’s ok to have champagne and snacks out, but consider how everything will photograph – try to minimize packaging as much as possible. If you have a bridesmaid who is really good at hosting, maybe enlist them to bring a chic charcuterie board and a fruit spread for mimosas. If you’re getting dressed in a bedroom, plan to have someone make the bed before photo coverage begins.


Think about wardrobe

And not just for you, but for everyone getting ready with you! Your mom, sister, or best friend will likely be the one helping you get in your dress – do you want them wearing a robe, a dress, the lululemon leggings you were all wearing before the wedding photographer arrived? There’s no right or wrong answer, but it’s something that’s definitely worth thinking about. If you opt for matching pajama sets or robes for your bridal party, consider buying them as gifts and giving them out in the morning, before your photographer is scheduled to show up. If you’re looking for something a little more simple and romantic, a classic lace robe is always an elegant option. Girl and a Serious Dream has some stunning options when it comes to bridal (and non-bridal) robes!

Additionally, try to remember to remove all Apple Watches, hair bands, or other distracting accessory for this as well.




Elegant wedding photography from a summer wedding in Blowing Rock, North Carolina.

Use your room to tell a story

Just like everything else with a wedding day, the space you and your spouse choose to get ready should be an incredibly intentional choice. Whether it’s the room you grew up in, your favorite spa, or just a creative space that reflects your interests, consider how the room around you will tell the story of they start of your wedding day. If you end up in a simple room with minimal decor, consider bringing in a few meaningful items to infuse some personality, even if it’s just a few floral arrangements and your favorite bottle of champagne.


Keep scrolling to see some favorite getting ready moments from the last few years!

Classic Washington, DC wedding at the stunning Cosmos Club wedding venue.

Chic and modern wedding photography during an elegant wedding in Baltimore, Maryland.

Chic and modern wedding photography during an elegant wedding in Baltimore, Maryland.

Maryland wedding photography at the classic and historic Belvedere Hotel in downtown Baltimore.

Classic getting ready wedding portraits at the modern DC wedding venue, the Line Hotel.

Classic getting ready wedding portraits at the modern DC wedding venue, the Line Hotel.

Classic getting ready wedding portraits at the modern DC wedding venue, the Line Hotel.

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