"Oh what a gem we have found in Lindley!! She is super easy to work with, has amazing talent, and is way underpriced for the impressive product she provides. I have 3 rather unruly children but she managed to get some spectacular shots despite their shenanigans and we even had our pictures in less than a week! I couldn't be more thrilled with them and our entire experience. We will be booking her again and again"


- Kim Shaw

Memories that you will truly cherish, for years and generations to come.

The Lindley Battle PHotography Experience

I clearly remember being shoved into an itchy red Christmas sweater while my young sister wailed next to me, and my mom held up the camera and just begged us to smile for one single photo. Twenty years later, and the memory still brings back a little bit of a cringe for me - that is absolutely not what I believe a portrait session should be. Yes there will always be some element of everyone being on their best behavior, whether it's all the toys or dirty dishes shoved to one corner of the house for your in-home session, or it's your Sunday best on a Tuesday afternoon. But beyond that, when I capture any type of portrait session, my one goal is to capture what is real - because that is what is most beautiful. I go into every session with the goal of capturing moments, of preserving memories, of highlighting personalities. Keep scrolling to see what I mean.

You're here because of connection - whether it's the family that you adore, the partner of your dreams, your newborn little bundle of joy, or any other type of connection - you're wanting to capture the way you feel with the person or people who are most important in your life right now. I'm such a strong believer in connection, and not only love seeing (and capturing!) that connection in my clients, but also put a lot of value on having my own connection with those I get to shoot for. I want to hear your story, I want to understand the way that you feel so that I can capture it well, I am truly passionate about YOU and want you to feel comfortable sharing your life with me.

It's All About Connection

What you can expect

When you hire me to do your portrait session, you're not only getting someone who truly cares about you, but also someone who truly, truly cares about her craft. Doing my job well is one of the most important things in the world to me, and I pride myself on giving all of my photography clients the highest quality images possible. I am constantly taking workshops, doing research, updating my equipment and processes, and seeking out ways to give my clients the highest level of image and experience quality available.

I Put the Highest Emphasis on Quality


How easy is it for us to spend hundreds of dollars on fancy coffee or cocktails over the course of a few months, but balk at the price of something like a photo session? I'm guilty of it too - but I also passionately believe that capturing memories is one of the most important things we can do with our hard earned money. There will always be material items that we can buy, but memories go by every single day, and before we know it, months and even years have passed that we will never give back. I'm so honored and thrilled that my life has become about helping people capture and hold on to these memories.

But Mostly, It's About Memories



The average number of photos delivered per gallery

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The number of years I've been doing portrait sessions




the number of weeks after our session you get your photos


here's how this thing works

01. Let’s Talk

The first step of this process starts by clicking the link below, which will take you to a contact form where you can give me as much (or as little!) information about your session as you'd like. Once I get your inquiry, I will do my absolute best to get back to you in under 24 hours, because you are my priority through every step of this process. 

02. Get Booked

Once we've chatted, we'll pick a day, time, and location for our portrait session. I'll give you all of my top tips on location, and help you pick a time based on the perfect light. When we have all of the details figured out, I'll send over a contract and a deposit invoice, and voila, you're booked! 

03. We Plan

As soon as your booking is complete, you'll get access to my exclusive portrait session guide, which is packed full of tips and ideas for all different kinds of portrait sessions. I'm constantly updating it with ideas and inspiration photos to help you plan for the perfect portrait session! 

04. The Big Day!

Step four is the big day - shoot day! If you're feeling nervous or awkward, don't worry at all... one of my biggest gifts as a photographer is being able to make people feel comfortable and genuinely connected, and I promise you that your session will be no different. We'll have a blast, and you'll end up with photos that you'll cherish for the rest of your life.

05. The Sendoff

And finally, three weeks after your session, your photos will be on their way to you! I deliver all photos online, through a clean and gorgeous gallery. You can download the full resolution version of all photos through your gallery, as well as order print products directly from your gallery.


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