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Although bridal sessions tend to be a mostly Southern tradition, they're gaining incredible popularity through the international wedding community lately, and with good reason. You spend countless hours planning the perfect dress, the flowers and makeup to go with it, and even picking out your wedding shoes. Your wedding day will fly by, a blur of joy and dances and champagne, but rarely will we have the time to pause and really highlight you, the bride, in all of your beauty.

A time to celebrate what you've dreamed about since you were five years old.

If you're anything like me, you've always dreamed and wondered about your wedding day... and now it's almost here. Let's celebrate, with a session completely dedicated to highlight you exactly as you look and feel heading into your beautiful wedding day.

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"I would advise every bride to do a bridal shoot - I am so, so glad I did it! I had never heard of it before and was still skeptical on if I needed to do it after booking. I thought I would have plenty of photos, but the morning of my wedding ended up being so rushed, and I didn’t have a day after shoot. The bridal shoot gave me a chance to soak in the feeling of being a bride, and gave me an excuse to wear my dress and veil more than once. So go ahead and book it, find some Pinterest inspo, and get the shots you always wanted to get without feeling rushed!"

- Ammy Lipskiy  


I would advise every bride to do a bridal shoot...

Anyone who has ever talked wedding photography with me knows that I'm the hugest fan of pre-wedding bridal sessions - not only do they give you a little "trial run" in your wedding dress with full hair + makeup, but they also give you an amazing chance to develop a real and personal bond with your wedding photographer, which makes your wedding day even smoother and more enjoyable. Plus, let's be real - every little girl spends so much time dreaming of her wedding dress on her wedding day, so it definitely deserves its own private photo shoot, right?

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