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What to Set Aside for Your Wedding Photographer

If you’re reading this, you’re likely planning a wedding (or planning to start planning a wedding!), so congratulations to you. I’m sure your head is spinning just a little bit, and I know there is so much information on the internet about what you should be doing or planning or thinking right now. One of the pieces of my Wedding Guide that each of my brides has found to be most helpful is the Day-Of Detail guide, where I walk through each wedding day detail you’ll need to set aside for your photographer and how best to prepare it for the most beautiful photos. I wanted to share an abbreviated version of that with you all to help you start to think about what you’ll need to set aside for your wedding day detail photos, and share some inspiration from some of my incredible previous brides!


Your Personal Details

Make sure to have your personal details all in one place before the morning of your wedding day. These include, but are not limited to, your wedding shoes, earrings, wedding rings, and anything else that is a part of what you’ll be wearing on your wedding day. These personal details aren’t just limited to brides – grooms can set aside their cufflinks, shoes, tie or bowtie, and anything else significant from their wedding day outfit.



Your Paper Goods

Another thing to think about is setting aside all of your paper goods, for your photographer to style and photograph. The first of these to plan for is your invitation suite, including your save the date cards, your wedding invitation, rehearsal dinner invitation, and anything else that you sent out to your guests. Also consider setting aside your wedding day program, your menu, and any other paper goods that will be distributed during your wedding day.


Pro tip: Have your calligrapher address an envelope to include in your collection of paper goods for your wedding photographer, and also include a non-addressed envelope.



Special Items

This can include your somethings borrowed and blue, a letter from your spouse, and any personal details that will be a part of your wedding day. If you’re going to be attaching your late grandmother’s antique pin to your bridal bouquet, be sure to set it aside for your photographer to capture before you do so. If you’ve created special party favors or have any other creative element that you personalized for your wedding day, be sure to let your photographer know and have that set aside!




Flowers and floral details


Make sure to have all your florals set aside separately for your photographer to document, including your bouquet and boutonnières. Although you’ll likely want to keep your boutonnières refrigerated, especially for a summer wedding, make sure they’re easy to access, and if possible, all in one nearby place.


Pro tip: Ask your florist to set aside any extra flower clippings once your bouquets are finished and your table settings are all completed. Your wedding photographer can use those additional clippings for styling the rest of your wedding day details.


Want more inspiration for detail photos? Keep scrolling to see more of my favorites!



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